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Law 360 - Lawyers' Digital Assistants Raise Ethics, Privacy Concerns.pdf
Law 360 (2019)
  • Barry R. Temkin
  • Brenda Dorsett
Voice-activated digital assistants, such as the Amazon Echo, provide many conveniences for lawyers, who can use them to schedule appointments, stream music or return phone calls. But these new digital assistants have been known to listen to and record private conversations, raising confidentiality issues for lawyers who use these devices in their law offices. The Rules of Professional Conduct provide that lawyers must take reasonable precautions to preserve the confidentiality of their communications with and about clients. While no ethics opinion has directly addressed the ethics of the use of a voice activate digital assistant in a law firm, several prior opinions give guidance on what precautions lawyers should take with respect to web-based technology.
Publication Date
May 24, 2019
Citation Information
Barry R. Temkin and Brenda Dorsett. "Law 360 - Lawyers' Digital Assistants Raise Ethics, Privacy Concerns.pdf" Law 360 (2019)
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