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About Ash Hartwell

Ash Hartwell has forty years of field experience working at community, national and international levels on educational policy analysis, planning, evaluation, and research. He has conducted program and project evaluations in numerous crisis and post-conflict countries including Uganda, Egypt, South Sudan. He has led and/or assisted in the design and implementation of national EMIS systems in Uganda, Lesotho, Botswana, Egypt and Nigeria. He has been the USAID representative to the Association for the Development of Education in Africa’s Working Group on Education Statistics, and supervised the development of the ED-Assist platform for developing and managing national EMIS systems. From 1992 to 2000 Ash worked as a Senior Education Advisor to the Africa Bureau, USAID (AFR/SD), assisting in the design and evaluation of education programs in 12 African countries.
Over the past five years Ash has carried out a rapid education sector review in Kosovo for UNICEF; designed and carried out research on a national program of early grade bi-lingual literacy with the EDC/USAID and the Ghana Ministry of Education; developed the Progressive Framework for the FTI Fragile States Working Group; served on the core Leader Team for EQUIP 2, focusing on an analysis of alternative (complimentary) education models for underserved populations; led a Youth Assessment team for USAID/Kenya which led to the nation-wide Yes Youth Can project; led a team in Pakistan for an external evaluation of the Institute for Education Development at the Aga Khan University; assisted with the design and analysis of an EGRA for Zambia, and led a national policy review workshop on the EGRA results; conducted a review and evaluation for the design of a national teacher management and training program in South Sudan.
During 2013, Ash led a team to develop a toolkit for the USAID/E3 Bureau on the design, management and evaluation of government-to-government financing (G2G) in the education sector, developing case studies for Ethiopia, Senegal and Afghanistan. He also consulted on the design of field instruments and analysis for a LQAS pilot study for Ghana’s early grade literacy program through EdData 2. Ash is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts where he has taught graduate courses in Monitoring and Evaluation for Educational Development; Alternative Approaches to Education for Development; Learning in Post-Conflict Situations; Education Planning; Financing Education; and Policy Issues in Educational Development. He is also the Principal Investigator for the five year (2014-2019) USAID-ECCN Project, which works with the lead group at Education Development Center to develop and support a community of practice, building evidence to support USAID’s Education Goal 3: increasing equitable access to 15 million children and youth in crisis and conflict-affected countries.


Present Adjunct Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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