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About Anne Lobeck

A linguist, her area of expertise is syntactic theory and linguistics and education, and her courses include introductory linguistics, English grammar, syntactic theory, American dialects, the history of the English language, and linguistics and education. Among her publications are the following books: Ellipsis: Functional Categories, Licensing and Identification, Oxford University Press 1995; Discovering Grammar: An Introduction to English Sentence Structure, Oxford University Press, 2000; Language in the Schools: Integrating Linguistic Knowledge into K-12 Teaching (co-editor with Kristin Denham), Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc. 2005; Linguistics for Everyone (co-authored with Kristin Denham) Cengage, 2009; Linguistics at School: Language Awareness in Primary and Secondary Education (co-editor with Kristin Denham), Cambridge University Press 2010; Navigating English Grammar, (with Kristin Denham), Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.


Present Professor, Department of English, Western Washington University Department of English

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Office: Humanities 359
Phone:(360) 650-3249


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