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About Anne Folta Fish

Dr. Anne Fish’s research program is cardiovascular risk factor reduction. She accomplishes this through wellness, self-management, health promotion, and health behavior change in adults and adolescents with or at risk of cardiovascular disease. Her current focus is hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, in the areas of correct insulin injection technique, case management, psychosocial factors (diabetes empowerment, distress, quality of life, and self-care), pericardial adipose tissue as an emerging cardiovascular risk factor, physical activity (performance, self-efficacy, adherence, benefits and barriers), motivational readiness to change, blood pressure reduction, weight loss and maintenance, and measurement. Her work, applied and basic, is mostly quantitative. Dr. Fish’s writing reflects data-based original work, and theoretical and methodological work, as well as research program development and evaluation. Over the last five years due to support from the Dean and from International Studies and Programs, she has created a successful research collaboration in Nanjing China. Dr. Fish also has an active Visiting Scholars program in Nanjing and Shanghai, China, mostly with diabetic educators who are researchers.


Present Associate Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Nursing


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