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About Amy E. Vecchione

Amy Vecchione is the Assistant Director of Research and Innovation with Boise State University's eCampus Center's Division of Extended Studies. Amy has expertise in student success, open education, online learning, innovation, and research in higher education. Amy achieved the distinction of rank of Professor, and served as the Faculty Senate President at Boise State University 2020 - 2021. Amy recently co-authored a book, At-Risk to At-Promise: Academic Libraries Supporting Student Success with Cathlene McGraw designed to help academic library staff and faculty collaborate for student success. Amy started the EdD program for Higher Education Leadership at Idaho State University in 2022.


2021 - Present Assistant Director of Research and Innovation, Boise State University eCampus Center

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  • University 106: Library Research

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Phone: (208) 426-1625
Mail Stop: 1120

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