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About Alexander Tsesis

Professor Alexander Tsesis joined the Loyola University, Chicago, School of Law faculty in July 2007. He teaches Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and seminars devoted to civil rights issues and constitutional interpretation.
His articles have appeared or will appear in a variety of law reviews across the country, including the Columbia Law Review, Cornell Law Review, University of California-Davis Law Review, Boston College Law Review, Harvard Journal on Legislation, Connecticut Law Review, and Wake Forest Law Review. Professor Tsesis is a frequent presenter to law school faculties nationwide on issues involving constitutional law, civil rights, and hate speech legislation. He has been an expert witness for the Canadian Department of Justice and a legislative advisor to Senator Edward Kennedy. Professor Tsesis has also served as an outside reviewer for the Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, University of Illinois Press, and New York University Press. Attached is curriculum vitae with a more complete listing of his publications and experiences.
Courses Taught:
Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
First Amendment Law
Legal History of Civil Rights
The Declaration of Independence in American Historical Development


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Loyola University Chicago
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Phone: (312) 915-7929
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