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About Aleksandra Popovic

My main research interests are legal theory, jurisprudence, human rights, the rule of law, public international law, migration law, environmental law, administrative law, decision making and the exercise of public power, procedural law, forensic evidence and the philosophy of science.
I am currently writing my doctoral thesis in public international law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, Sweden. The aim of the thesis is to provide understanding of whether social problems can be solved through decision making processes which are governed by the rule of law. Special attention is given to the so called refugee problem and to the specific decision making process of refugee status determination because of the close historical link between on one hand the emergence of the concept of refugeehood and awareness of the refugee problem and on the other hand the institution of the modern nation state, modern law and modern science.
My teaching experiences encompass the fields of human rights, public international law, asylum and refugee law, environmental law, administrative law and procedural law at Lund University, Örebro University and Malmö University.
My interest in the rule of law and anti-discrimination legislation, as well as Swedish and EU rules on higher education has led me to accept an appointment as the ombudsman for doctoral candidates and PhD-students at Lund University, in which function I am currently employed by the Lund Doctoral Student Union.


Present Doctoral Student, Lund University Faculty of Law