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About Alan Cobo-Lewis

My primary research interest is in visual perception, especially stereopsis and motion perception. You may ask “What is stereopsis, anyways?” or you may simply wish to see some stereograms.
I’m also doing research in a bunch of other things, most notably on assessing communicative development in infants and toddlers. For more info on that, see the website of the Early Language Project. I've also done work on the efficacy of various kinds of artificial hearing devices for deaf kids, the language skills of monolingual and bilingual (Spanish–English) children in the Dade County, Florida, public school system, and the development of smart strategies for conducting perceptual evaluations (e.g., screening infants for hearing loss). In several of these fields, I wind up devising novel techniques for statistical analysis or decison-making.


Present Director, University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies
Present Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Maine Department of Psychology


Contact Information

University of Maine
5773 South Stevens Hall
Orono, ME 04469–5773