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About Keisha Persaud

Hey there! Welcome to my page :)
I'm Keisha. I work as an undergraduate assistant for Hickman's Hybrid's lab in the Nano-Science Technology center. I've been working here for 2+ years and absolutely love it. It's a great environment to foster personal and academical growth. I've worked on several projects and met amazing people here. I've learn how to plate different cell types such a cancer cell lines and heptoctyes, conduct bioassays such as ELISA, MTT and CYP's. I've learned several technicals and protocols for various project that has helped me out in class.


20142017 Research assistance, UCF ‐ College of Science

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • RAMP
  • SURE: Judge's choice
  • SURE: Peer choice


Present Research Assistant, University of Central Florida

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