Professor Sungjoon Cho, an authority on international economic law, joined the
Chicago-Kent faculty in 2003 and teaches courses in international law, international
trade law, international business transactions, and comparative law. He earned his LL.B.
from Seoul National University in 1989, his M.P.A. degree from Seoul National University
in 1994 and his LL.M. in international economic law from the University of Michigan Law
School in 1997. In 2002, he received his S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science) degree from
Harvard Law School. 

Professor Cho currently serves as adviser on international affairs and global industrial
cooperation to the South Korean government's Ministry of Knowledge Economy and as a
consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He has held appointments as a
Clark Byse Fellow at Harvard Law School, a Research Fellow with Harvard Law School's
East Asian Legal Studies Program, and an Emil Noël Fellow at New York University Law
School. He has taught at the University of San Diego (Summer Program in Mexico), the
Institute of European Studies of Macau, Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), Seoul
National University (Korea), and KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Korea). He
will be a visiting professor at Fordham Law School in fall 2011 and at Northwestern Law
School in spring 2012. 

Professor Cho's works have been selected for the prestigious Stanford/Yale Junior
Faculty Forum twice (2007 and 2008). He has also been awarded the Dean's Challenge
Grant, which is provided to Chicago-Kent College of Law faculty members who are most
productive, three times (2004, 2006 and 2008). He was appointed Norman and Edna Freehling
Scholar in July 2009. 

Professor Cho has written numerous books and articles on international economic law,
including The Economics of Injunctive and Reverse Settlements, 12 American Law and
Economics Review 181 (2010) (with Keith N. Hylton); Of the World Trade Court's
Burden, 20 European Journal of International Law 675 (2009); Anticompetitive Trade
Remedies, 87 North Carolina Law Review 357 (2009); A Quest for WTO's Legitimacy, 4
World Trade Review 391 (2005); A Bridge Too Far: The Fall of the Fifth WTO Ministerial
Conference in Cancún and the Future of Trade Constitution, 7 Journal of International
Economic Law 219 (2004); Breaking the Barrier between Regionalism and Multilateralism: A
New Perspective on Trade Regionalism, 42 Harvard International Law Journal 419 (2001);
The Law of the World Trade Organization through Cases (2007-08) (co-authored with Joseph
H. H. Weiler & Isabella Feichtner); and Free Markets and Social Regulation: A Reform
Agenda of the Global Trading System (Kluwer Law International 2003). Professor Cho is a
regular contributor to the International Economic Law and Policy Blog. 

Articles and Essays

Double Remedies in Double Courts (with Thomas H. Lee) (forthcoming), European Journal of International Law (2015)
An International Organization's Identity Crisis, Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business (2014)


Are World Trading Rules Passé? (forthcoming) (with Claire R. Kelly), Virginia Journal of International Law (2013)

This Article probes previously under-explored failure of the world trading rules to keep abreast with...



Contributions to Books

Development by Moving People: Unearthing the Development Potential of a GATS Visa, Developing Countries in the WTO Legal System (2009)
A New Agenda for Peace: International Trade Law as a Practical Discourse, in Trade as the Guarantor of Peace, Liberty and Security?, Trade as the Guarantor of Peace, Liberty, and Security?: Critical, Historical and Empirical Perspectives (2006)
The Financial System of Korea and Future Prospects (co-authored with Jeongyeon Keum), The Korean Economy: Current Status and Policy Directions (1996)

Popular Press


Change Distorted Rules, National Law Journal (2007)
Lumber Deal Caters for Special Interests, Financial Times (2006)

Book Reviews and Other Shorter Works


Book Review (reviewing Petros C. Mavroidis & Alan O. Sykes, The WTO and International Trade Law: Dispute Settlement (2005)), Global Law Books (2006)

Professors Petros Mavroidis and Alan Sykes have produced a dependable compendium on the WTO dispute...


Unpublished Papers


Reconstructing World Politics: Norms, Discourse, and Community, ExpressO (2012)

This Article argues that the conventional (rationalist) approach to world politics characterized by political bargain...



A Long and Winding Road: The Doha Round Negotiation in the World Trade Organization, ExpressO (2009)

This article provides a concise history of the Doha Round negotiation, analyzes its deadlock and...



Global Constitutional Lawmaking, ExpressO (2009)

Global Constitutional Lawmaking


This article identifies a nascent phenomenon of “global constitutional lawmaking” in...



An Identity Crisis of International Organizations, ExpressO (2009)

An Identity Crisis of International Organizations


International organizations (IOs) are ubiquitous. More than two...



The World Trade Constitutional Court, ExpressO (2009)

The World Trade Constitutional Court Sungjoon Cho Abstract Although a court, as a judicial organ,...