Srividhya Ragavans serves as a Professor of Law at the University of Oklahoma
College of Law. At the University of Oklahoma, Ragavan teaches patent law, intellectual
property law, trademarks law, international intellectual property seminar and the law of

Ragavan’s scholarship focuses on the interplay between international trade law and
intellectual property issues with a developmental perspective. Her work emphasizes issues
that affect developing nations from embracing the trade regime. Her publications have
expounded diverse topics like traditional knowledge, pharmaceutical patenting and
agricultural subsidies. Her recent book titled Patent and Trade Disparities in Developing
Countries, Oxford University Press, 2012, has been republished in the South Asian market.
Ragavan's work is featured in Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Mapping the
Global Interface - a book published by Cambridge University Press. This book remains the
leading book on the interface of intellectual property law and human rights. 

Ragavan’s work has been recognized abroad, particularly in India. Ragavan served as a
visiting faculty with the NALSAR’s University’s IP-PRO program and authored the course
modules that are still being used by the students at NALSAR. Ragavan has also been
closely associated with the NLSIU which is the top ranked University in India. In 2010,
Ragavan served as a blogger for LiveMint, which is one of India’s leading newspapers.
Ragavan has served as an Adjunct Fellow with the Research Information System for
Developing Countries which is based out of New Delhi. Ragavan has also been associated
with the various departments of different Government the Ministry of Human Resource
Development as well as Science and Technology during her tenure at the NLSIU in

Ragavan has been nominated thrice by the law school for the University’s research award.
In 2008, Ragavan was awarded the Student’s Access to Justice (SATJ) Association
Certificate for Distinguished Pro Bono Service. Ragavan was instrumental in establishing
Memorandums of Understanding between the University of Oklahoma with NLSIU and NALSAR in
India. In 2011, Ragavan secured the Fulbright Nehru CORE Teaching Grant to work in India
where she was been associated with the NLSIU and has also made numerous presentations on
the importance of IP law as a Fulbright Fellow. In 2013, Ragavan became a Fulbright
Specialist for the South Asia Region. 

Ragavan graduated with a BA. LLB (Honors) from the National Law School of India
University in Bangalore where she was a holder of the University merit-certificate.
Further, Ragavan received the Overseas Development Agency Shared Scholarship Scheme
(ODASS Scholarship) administered by the Administration of Commonwealth Universities to
pursue her LL.M from King's College, University of London. Later, Ragavan completed
her SJD from the George Washington University Law School. Ragavan was the First Texas
Instruments Visiting Scholar at the Center for Advanced Study & Research on
Intellectual Property at the University of Washington at Seattle. 


Contributions to Books


Recognizing Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections (with Irene Calboli), Diversity in Intellectual Peroperty Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections (forthcoming) (2015)


Has India Addressed its Farmers' Woes? A Story of Plant Protection Issues (with Jamie Mayer), Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Mapping the Global Interface (2010)
A Patent Restriction on R & D: Infringers or Innovators, Patent Protection: Some Insights (2008)
Of the Inequals of the Uruguay Round, Health Care and the Patent Regime (2008)


A Comparison of FRAND & Compulsory Forms of Licenses (forthcoming) (with Raj Dave), Licensing Law Update (2015)
FRAND v. Compulsory Licensing: The Lesser of the Two Evils (forthcoming) (with Raj Dave), Duke Journal of Law and Technology (2015)
The Selection of Patents: The Choice Between Regulatory Reforms and Market Reliance to Weed Out Suspect Patents (with Feroz Ali), International Review of Intellectual Property & Competition Law, Max Plank Institute (2014)

Testimonials/Written Statements


Comments on India's Draft National IPR Policy (with Brook Baker and Sean Flynn) (2015)


Testimony at the International Trade Commission Hearing, Trade, Investment and Industrial Policies in India: Effects of the US Economy, United States International Trade Commission (2014)


Testimony, Special 301 hearing on India's Intellectual Property Laws, Office of the United States Trade Representative (2014)


FRAND v. Compulsory Licensing, American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association (AIPLA) (2015)
Compulsory Licensing: Principles, Process & Experiences of Other Countries, Improving Access, Promoting Access & Innovation, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, National Consultation, World Health Organization (2014)
The Importance of Trade and Intellectual Property for Public Policy, Center for Public Policy, The National Law School of India University (2014)
Voluntary Licensing, Promoting Access & Innovation, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, National Consultation, World Health Organization (2014)

Popular Press (Articles, Interviews, Reviews, and Blog Posts)


A Reality Check on Intellectual Property Concerns (with Moushami Joshi), The Hindu (2014)


BBC (Hindi) Interview, (Hindi) (2014)

Works in Progress