Richard Klein received his B.S., with honors from the University of Wisconsin;
Masters and Doctoral Degrees in International Affairs, Columbia University; J.D. from
Harvard Law School. Professor Klein was a Ford Foundation Fellow in International
Development at both Harvard and Columbia Universities. He has been a grant recipient from
the Harvard Law School Civil Rights Coordinating Committee as well as from the Harvard
Law School Center for Criminal Justice. 

Professor Klein served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Somalia, and worked for 10 years as
a trial attorney with the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society. He has been
a member of the faculty at Hofstra Law School and CUNY Law School, and a Visitor at the
Law Department of the University of Hong Kong. He has received numerous awards from
students in appreciation of his teaching, and is active with several committees of the
Criminal Justice Sections of both the American Bar Association and the American
Association of Law Schools, having served as Section Chair. He has taught International
Human Rights law in China, India, Russia and Israel. His scholarly publications have
focused on the Constitutional Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel, Constitutional
Challenges to the Death Penalty, and International Human Rights issues focusing on the
People’s Republic of China. 



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