Many of these texts are final versions I sent to the publisher--and thus lack some
final copy editing and are not in publication format. --About the unpublished essays: I
welcome responses, thoughts, suggetions. 

I am now posting some draft chapters from a book I am finishing: *Vulgar Eloquence:
Enlisting Speech for Writing.* I would welcome helpful feedback about what works and
doesn't work. I'm pushing to finish revising by the fall. You may email me if
you want to see chapters that are not posted here. 

Professor Elbow has written Oppositions in Chaucer, Writing without Teachers, Writing
with Power, Embracing Contraries, What is English?, and (with Pat Belanoff) a textbook, A
Community of Writers. He edited Voice and Writing, he co-edited Nothing Begins with N:
New Explorations of Freewriting as well as Writing to Learn: Strategies for Assigning and
Responding to Writing in the Disciplines. He has published numerous essays on writing and
teaching and evaluation. In 1986 he was awarded the Braddock prize for "The Shifting
Relationships between Speech and Writing." In 1994 he was awarded the James A.
Berlin prize for "The War between Reading and Writing-and How to End It."He
taught at M.I.T., Franconia College, Evergreen State College, and SUNY Stony Brook where
he also directed the Writing Program.He served on the Executive Committee of the Modern
Language Association and the Executive Committee of the Conference on College Composition
and Communication 



Using Careless Speech for Careful, Well Crafted Writing--Whatever Its Style, AEPL: The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (2013)

I write here to correct a common misreading of my work. I've not been fighting...



A Unilateral Grading Contract to Improve Learning and Teaching, College Composition and Communication (2009)

Contract grading has achieved some prominence in our field as a practice associated with critical...



The Believing Game or Methodological Believing, Journal for The Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (2009)

The kind of thinking most widely honored is often called "critical thinking." I call it...



Coming to See Myself as a Vernacular Intellectual, College Composition and Communication (2008)

A short essay taken from remarks at the annual 2007 convention on getting the Exemplar...



Voice in Writing Again: Embracing Contraries, College English (2007)

"Voice in writing" has fallen into a kind of limbo as a topic: it's vexed;...


Unpublished Papers


Good Enough Evaluation (2010)

For inclusion in a collection honoring Ed White. I have to revise this by mid...



Appendix to A Unilateral Grading Contract to Improve Learning and Teaching [written with Jane Danielewicz] (2009)

This is an appendix that is meant to accompany the essay published in *College Composition...



The Believing Game--Methodological Believing (2008)

A defintion of the believing and doubting games; a thumbnail idealized history of believing and...



Why Deny Speakers of African American Language a Choice Most of Us Offer Other Students? (2008)

Mainstream teachers commonly invite mainstream students to freewrite and use very informal language for early...



Enlisting Speaking and Spoken Language for Writing, The Selected Works of Peter Elbow (2007)

Draft chapters from a book