I am associate professor in the Department of Pubic Policy and Public Affairs at
University of Massachusetts Boston. 

My research interests lie primarily in operations research/management science planning
models for public-sector facility location and service delivery, with applications to
subsidized/affordable housing, senior services and community corrections. I also use
cost-benefit analysis to estimate impacts of public policies and information technology
to design decision support systems. My primary mission is to develop quantitative methods
that enable public organizations serving disadvantaged and vulnerable populations to
develop programs and policies that jointly optimize economic efficiency, beneficial
social outcomes and social equity. 

I have taught courses in research methods, geographic information systems, quantitative
methods, decision support systems, operations research, cost-benefit analysis and
management information systems. I have also supervised numerous capstone project courses
at the master's and doctoral levels. 

For more information about the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at
University of Massachusetts Boston, go to



Stochastic Models for Strategic Resource Allocation in Nonprofit Foreclosed Housing Acquisitions (with Armagan Bayram and Senay Solak), European Journal of Operational Research (2014)

Increased rates of mortgage foreclosures in the U.S. have had devastating social and economic impacts...



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This paper presents multiple innovations associated with an electronic health record system developed to support...



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Community development corporations seek to stabilize neighborhoods affected by the recent foreclosure crisis through acquisition...



Maintain, Demolish, Re-purpose: Policy Design for Vacant Land Management using Decision Models (with Justin Hollander and Alma Hallulli), Cities (2013)

Decline, measured in population growth rates, population levels, housing stock and economic activity, and associated...



Planning for Meals-on-Wheels: Algorithms and Application (with Hakan Yildiz and Stephen Roehrig), Journal of the Operational Research Society (2013)

Home-Delivered Meals provision, also known as Meals-on-Wheels, is a volunteer-staffed activity for which little strategic...




Community-Based Operations Research: Decision Modeling for Local Impact and Diverse Populations (2011)

This edited volume is an introduction to diverse methods and applications in operations research focused...



Housing and Sustainable Community Development: Enhancing Minority Home Ownership, Volume One (with Harvey L. White) (2000)

The articles in this volume are from the Housing and Sustainable Community Development Track of...


Contributions to Books


Decison Models for Housing and Community Development, Encyclopedia of Housing, Second Edition (accepted) (2012)

Decision science provides tools and methods to support strategy design and operations in housing and...



Community-Based Operations Research: Introduction, Theory and Applications, Community-Based Operations Research: Decision Modeling for Local Impact and Diverse Populations (2011)

Community-based operations research is the name of a new sub-discipline within operations research and the...



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Community-Based Operations Research (with Karen Smilowitz), Tutorials in Operations Research 2007 (2007)

Community-based operations research is defined as the collection of analytical methods applied to problem domains...


Unpublished Papers


Data, Analytics and Community-Based Organizations: Transforming Data to Decisions for Community Development (2014)

The past ten years have seen a revolution in two disciplines related to operations and...



Electronic Supplement: Value Focused Thinking for Community-Based Organizations: Objectives and Acceptance in Local Development (with Jeffrey Keisler, David A. Turcotte, and Rachel B. Drew) (2014)

This is an electronic supplement to the manuscript "Value Focused Thinking for Community-Based Organizations: Objectives...



Value Focused Thinking for Community-Based Organizations: Objectives and Acceptance in Local Development (with Jeffrey Keisler, David A. Turcotte, and Rachel B. Drew) (2014)

A multi-site case study applies value-focused thinking methods in a community engaged research framework within...



Retention and Success of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM at University of Massachusetts Boston: A Pilot Study of the Impact of Freshman Success Communities (with Alvine Sangang and Liliana Mickle) (2014)

Today’s college graduates are facing a complex world in which the demand for a sophisticated...



Reconstructing Neighborhoods: Case Studies in Foreclosed Housing Acquisition and Redevelopment by Community Development Corporations (with David A. Turcotte, Emily Vidrine, Rachel B. Drew, and Felicia M. Sullivan) (2013)

Community development corporations (CDCs) play a central role in addressing the foreclosed housing crisis in...




Data, Analytics and Community-Based Organizations: Transforming Data to Decisions for Community Development, Big Data Future (2014)

Big data and analytics for community-focused nonprofits can improve analytic capabilities and increase impact. However,...



Parcel-Level Redevelopment Strategies for Distressed Neighborhoods (with Justin Hollander), INFORMS (2013)

Certain distressed neighborhoods cannot support traditional residential-focused development. For these communities, we develop decision models...



Practicum 2012 - 2013: LIFT Boston Client Well Being Study (with Lisa Kalimon, Buki Usidame, Ryan Kling, Ryan McLane, Ryan Whalen, Ana M. Sanchez, and Tanya Stepasiuk), Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Fall Conference 2013 (2013)

A Boston based non-profit and a team of public policy PhD students engaged in several...



Community-Based Analytics: Big Data and Decision Making for Community-Based Organizations, INFORMS (2013)

Community-based organizations face significant challenges in identifying data needs, and assembling data resources for service...



Decision Modeling for Local Housing Development: ‘Strategic Value’ and other Social Impact Measures, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering research seminar series (2013)

Acquisition and redevelopment of foreclosed properties by

community organizations helps to mitigate the social





Course Syllabus: PPOL-G 704 Research Methods II (2013)

This is the second course of the research methods sequence that is required for students...



Uplifting: Improvements in Boston Area Client Well-Being (with Ryan Kling, Lisa Kalimon, Tanya Stepasiuk, Bukola Usidame, Ryan McLane, Ryan Whalen, and Ana Maria Sanchez) (2013)

LIFT-Boston, a local non-profit organization, entered into a collaborative partnership in September 2012 with McCormack...



Course Syllabus: PPOL-G 697 Special Topics: Community-Based Operations Research (2012)

This independent study elective course in the Public Policy PhD program provides an introduction to...



Course Syllabus: PPOL-G 780/781: Policy Planning and Program Development (Practicum) I & II (2012)

Practicum is an effort to teach doctoral students how to solve problems identified by real-world...