Professor Mark Drumbl joined Washington and Lee in 2002. He is the Class of 1975
Alumni Professor at Washington & Lee University, School of Law, where he also serves
as Director of the University's Transnational Law Institute. He has held visiting
appointments on the law faculties of Oxford University (University College), Université
de Paris II (Panthéon-Assas), Vanderbilt University, University of Ottawa, Trinity
College-Dublin, University of Western Ontario, and University of Illinois College of Law.
In 2010, Professor Drumbl was appointed Visiting Scholar and Senior Fellow, at the
University of Melbourne, Faculty of Law; Visiting Professor, Centre for Applied
Philosophy and Ethics (Charles Sturt University/Australian National University) and
Parsons Visitor, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney. 

Professor Drumbl's research and teaching interests include public international law,
global environmental governance, international criminal law, post-conflict justice, and
transnational legal process. His work has been relied upon by the Supreme Court of
Canada, the United Kingdom High Court, and the Supreme Court of New York in recent

Featured Work: Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy (2012)


Re-imagining Child Soldiers, Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminars (2012)


Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy, Lecture at Lauterpacht Centre, Cambridge University (2012)


Book Chapters


Women as Perpetrators: Agency and Authority in Genocidal Rwanda (with Nicole Hogg), Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative Survey (2014)


Child Soldiers, Transitional Justice, and the Architecture of Post Bellum Settlements, Morality, Jus Post Bellum, and International Law (2012)


From Politics to Law, to Tedium, and Back, The Milosevic Trial: An Autopsy (2012)



From Oblivion to Memory: A Blueprint for the Amnesty, Criminal Law and Philosphy (2012)


Child Soldiers and Clicktivism: Justice, Myths, and Prevention, Journal of Human Rights Practice (2012)