My research is grounded on four fundamental premises: (1) the decentralization of
knowledge in a complex society, such as ours, is important in the explanation of both
economic and social phenomena; (2) human action should be understood in a contextual way
-- both the individual and social context is needed to to make sense of what people do
and how they relate to one another; (3) these phenomena are, wherever possible, best
viewed as processes in time; and (4) economic and social policies usually have important
unintended consequences. 

My central interests are in the interfaces between philosophy and economics, law and
economics, and ethics and economics. I believe that philosophy is a more important sister
discipline to economics than mathematics. Accordingly, the methods applied in my work
reflect this. 



The Problematic Welfare Standards of Behavioral Paternalism, Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2015)

Behavioral paternalism raises deep concerns that do not arise in traditional welfare economics. These concerns...



The Knowledge Problem of the New Paternalism, Brigham Young University Law Review (2009)

The “new paternalism” is a set of policy prescriptions based on recent findings in behavioral...



Austrian Economics: Recent Work, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (online) (2009)

This article reviews research in Austrian economics over the last 25 years, relating it to...



Little Brother Is Watching You: New Paternalism on the Slippery Slopes, Arizona Law Review (2009)

The “new paternalism” claims that careful policy interventions can help people make better decisions in...



Justice versus Benevolence: A Modern Humean View, (Univ of ) Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology (2008)

This paper is an attempt to "update" and extend David Hume's moral psychology by demonstrating...




Austrian Economics Re-Examined: The Economics of Time and Ignorance (website) (2015)

This is the website associated with Austrian Economics Re-Examined: The Economics of Time and Ignorance...



Economics of Time and Ignorance: 1996 Intro Survey (1996)

This is a review of the developments in Austrian-subjectivist economics during the period 1985-1996 from...



Profits and Morality (1995)

Preface Robin Cowan, Mario J. Rizzo. 1: Fundamental Issues in the Justification of Profits Robin...



Time, Uncertainty and Disequilibrium: Exploration of Austrian Themes (1979)

This is a collection of articles and comments on those articles deriving from a conference...


Contributions to Books


The Problem of Rationality: Austrian Economics between Classical Behaviorism and Behavioral Economics (uncorrected proof), Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics (forthcoming) (2015)

In Part One we establish the rationale and substance of the Robbinsian middle ground –...



Real Time and Relative Indeterminacy in Economic Theory, Time in Contemporary Intellectual Thought (2000)

This article develops the implications of a dynamic conception of time for the idea of...


Popular Press


A Microeconomist's Protest, The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty (2009)

An analysis of the Great Recession by a microeconomist who sees inherent deficiencies in the...



Trust Us, Forbes magazine (2007)

A critique of the new paternalist idea that experts can know what individuals really want.



Should Policies Nudge People? An Exchange with Richard Thaler on Libertarian Paternalism, Wall Street Journal On-Line "Econoblog" (2007)

Exchange -- perhaps a debate -- with Richard Thaler (Univ of Chicago) on his, and...


Unpublished Papers


Abstract Morality for an Abstract Order (2015)

The first part of this Article outlines a conception of “the market” as an abstract...



F. A. Hayek and the Rationality of Individual Choice (2015)

An underappreciated aspect of F.A. Hayek’s mature views about rationality is the inter-relation of the...



Austrian Economics Meets Behavioral Economics: The Problem of Rationality (2012)

An examination of the relationship among Austrian economics, standard economics and behavioral economics. The Austrian...




The Misdirection of Resources and the Current Recession, The Club for Growth and The Heritage Foundation (2009)

An analysis of the deficiencies of the stimulus pakage of February, 2009 from the point...




A Course in Ethics and Economics (2008)

The syllabus of a course "The Economics of Welfare, Justice and Ethics" I am giiving...



A Course in Classical Liberal Thought (2007)

This is the syllabus of a course in classical liberal thought that I have been...