Professor Marcia L. McCormick joined the SLU LAW faculty in 2009. Her scholarship
explores the areas of employment and labor law, federal courts, and civil rights, broadly
defined. She is also a co-editor and contributor to Workplace Prof Blog, which provides
daily information on developments in the law of the workplace and scholarship about it.



Consensus, Dissensus, and Enforcement: Legal Protection of Working Women from the Time of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire to Today, New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy (2011)

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy mobilized the labor movement and progressive reformers, and provided part...



Federal Regulation and the Problem of Adjudication, Saint Louis University Law Review (2011)

After decades of deregulation, the United States seems to be entering a period of re-regulation,...



Back to Color-Blindness: Recent Developments in Race Discrimination Law in the United States, REVUE DES AFFAIRES EUROP√ČENNES (2010)

The United States has a long and somewhat conflicted history of espousing egalitarian values and...



Solving the Mystery of How Ex Parte Young Survived the Federalism Revolution, University of Toledo Law Review (2009)

It has been called alternatively the New Federalism and the Federalism Revolution by scholars and...



The Truth is Out There: Revamping Federal Antidiscrimination Enforcement for the 21st Century, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law (2009)

Employment discrimination laws in the United States have not created full equality in the workplace,...