Dr. Marc Prou is an Associate Professor of Africana and Caribbean Studies in the
Department of Africana Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Dr. Prou is
currently the Director of the Haitian Language and Culture Institute, and also co-founded
the Haitian Studies Association. From 2006-2007, Dr. Prou was a Visiting Associate Fellow
at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Brown University where he
spearheaded the development of a Haitian Creole Language and Culture curriculum. 

Dr. Prou has taught a number of interdisciplinary courses in the Africana Studies
Department, including the following: Free and Slaves in the New World, Introduction to
Africana Studies, Origins of Caribbean Civilizations, Modern Caribbean Societies,
Afro-Caribbean Literature, Problems in Urban Education,and The History of African
American Education. In addition to his academic teaching, he has led several summer and
winter study abroad programs to Haiti,Jamaica and Cuba. 

The research work undertaken by Dr. Prou focuses on Haiti and the Caribbean within a
global context. His research interests place special attention on social and cultural
history, migration and Diaspora,language,education reform and national development. His
scholarship and applied research addresses the intersection between cultural studies and
post-colonial theories as a means for developing critical transnational and
trans-cultural perspectives on matters of race, class and gender. He is the author of a
number of scholarly articles related to linguistics and education in Haiti and the
Caribbean that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, and also book chapters in edited
texts in the social sciences and humanities. From 2004-2005, Dr. Prou was a recipient of
a book fellowship awarded by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at
Harvard University. He was honored as one of the first three recipients of the Boston
Haitian Pionneer Award in May 2011. 

During the past two decades, the thrust of Dr. Prou’s work has focused greater attention
on finding ways to demystify negative misconceptions about people of Afro-Caribbean
descent. Through teaching, scholarship and community engagement, he continues to play a
significant role in counteracting the dissonance and hostility that many peoples of
Afro-Caribbean heritage are experiencing globally. 



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