I am the Science Librarian at Seton Hall University Libraries in South Orange, New
Jersey. I hold a MLS from Rutgers University and a PhD in Biological Anthropology from
Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to moving into the library field, I conducted
field research on capuchin monkeys in Costa Rica, Argentina and Suriname, and published
numerous articles in primate behavioral ecology. My current interests include patterns of
information acquisition and sharing, library usage statistics, e-resources and e-books,
copyright and scholarly communication. 



Still Desperately Seeking Citations: Undergraduate Research in the Age of Web-Scale Discovery (with Melissa M. Hofmann), Journal of Library Administration (2013)


The High Cost of Science Journals: A Case Study and Discussion, Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (2011)


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Contributions to Books


Measuring and Applying Data about Users in the Seton Hall Library (with Rachel Volentine), Accentuate the Positive: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2012 (2012)

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See how they grow: Tracking capuchin monkey populations in a regenerating Costa Rican dry forest (with Linda M. Fedigan and Rodrigo Morera Avila), Adaptive radiations of neotropical primates (1996)



Ecology, Information Literacy and Bernard Lonergan: A Librarian Immersed, VALE / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Fifteenth Annual Users' Conference: "Libraries as Leaders: Off the Ropes and Into the Ring" (2014)


• Scholarly reading as a measure of Library Value at Seton Hall University, Poster presentation at Vale Assessment Tool Fair (2013)


Weeding print book collections at Seton Hall University, Weeding print book collections at Seton Hall University (2013)

Web Scale Discovery and Information Literacy: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown. (with Melissa A. Hofmann), ACRL Annual conference (2013)


Measuring and Applying Data about Users in the Seton Hall Library (with Rachel Volentine), 32nd Annual Charleston Library Conference (2012)