After suffering political persecution as a prisoner of conscience in his native
Burundi, Léonce Ndikumana now devotes his research and scholarship to improving the lives
of some of the planet’s most impoverished people. His work focuses on macroeconomic
policy in Africa, the subject of several of his books and fifty-plus articles. 

Ndikumana’s latest work, on capital flight from Africa, has had a major impact on policy
debate. It shows that the continent has suffered more than $1 trillion in capital flight
since 1970, making it an international net creditor, not a net debtor. 

After receiving tenure at UMass Amherst in 2002, Ndikumana was appointed chief of
macroeconomic analysis at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and
subsequently became director of development economics research at the African Development
Bank. He returned to this campus in 2011 to serve as Andrew Glyn Professor of Economics
and direct the African Policy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute. 

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