Dr. Greeley is trained in Classical languages and literature and Medieval Studies,
specifically late antique and medieval theology and religious and intellectual history.
As a scholar, she translates and interprets late antique and medieval Latin theological
works and explores medieval theology, specifically the writings of medieval women,
medieval mystics, and Islam. June-Ann is a born-and-bred Bostonian with a passionate love
for all things New England and Boston, notably the Boston Red Sox, summers in Maine and
off-season on Cape Cod. She is the member of several environmental and animal
rights' groups, an avid bird-watcher and gardener, and guardian to three felines who
co-occupy her family's domicile. 

Dr. Greeley directs or advises several programs on campus: 

Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program, which oversees the minor in Middle
Eastern Studies 

Advisor to the campus chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES), the national honor society
for students at Catholic universities 

Director of the Graduate program in Religious Studies (MARS) 

Degrees: BA from Connecticut College; MA from University of Connecticut; MA and Ph.D.
from Fordham University 

Teaching responsibilities: Introduction to Religious Studies; Mysticism and Abrahamic
mystical traditions; Women's studies and theology; Historical theology; Ancient
religions; Islamic studies 



Dreadful Sorry: Spots of Passion and the Memory of Being Human in Kaufman’s “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and Pope’s ‘Eloisa to Abelard’, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications (2010)

Memory is a journey of infinite possibility, a continuous passage through time and sense that...



"Who Would Believe What We Have Heard?": Christian Spirituality and Images from the Passion in Religious Art of New Spain, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications (2009)

The colonial art of New Spain/Mexico provides the viewer with a locus of examination into...



Social Commentary in the Prose and Poetry of Theodulf of Orleans: A Study in Carolingian Humanism, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications (2000)

Theodulf of Orleans (d. 821), was the pride of the Carolingian court. Theodulf was among...


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Byzantium. Faith And Power (1261-1557): An Exhibit At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York, March 23-July 4, 2004. Part I: Sacred Splendor of the Byzantine Church, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications (2007)

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Christian Missionary Activity in the Early Middle Ages (Book Review), Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Faculty Publications (1995)

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