Jeff has visited (not just passed through) 25 states and lived in four of them. He
is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and attended college in Missouri where he met his
wife, Char. Together they have 4 children and a dog. He served as Assistant Pastor in
Kearney, Nebraska for 8 ½ years. After receiving his MLS from Kent State University, he
served as Head Librarian at Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary for 10
years. Jeff is glad to be back in his home state once again and to be here at Cedarville
University. He began his work at the Centennial Library in the Fall of 2007. 

Journal Articles


Self-Care: A Christian Perspective, Evangelical Review of Theology (2015)

This article discusses a study which looks into personal self-care within a Christian perspective. Topics...



Professional Tasks of Librarians at Small Bible College Libraries, The Christian Librarian (2010)

The author attempts to define professional library tasks by surveying small Bible college librarians to...



The Biblical Basis of Selection, The Christian Librarian (1999)

Working Papers

Conference Presentations

Book Reviews


Book Review: Speaking of God, Library Faculty Working Papers (2012)


Real Research: How to Use EBSCO & OSearch (with Lynne Funtik), Cedarville University Writing Center (2008)