Professor James E. Moliterno is the Vincent Bradford Professor of Law at Washington
and Lee University School of Law. He has a leadership role in W&L’s third year
curriculum reform. For 21 years prior to joining the W&L faculty in 2009, he was the
Tazewell Taylor Professor of Law, Director of the Legal Skills Program, and Director of
Clinical Programs at the College of William & Mary, serving also as Vice Dean from
1997-2000. He has taught legal ethics courses and professional skills courses at six law
schools over the past thirty years. A member of the American Law Institute, he has held
committee leadership roles in both AALS and the ABA. He was the 2012 recipient of the
Rebuilding Justice Award from the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal
System (IAALS) in recognition of his career-long legal education reform work. 



The Future of Legal Education Reform, Pepperdine Law Review (2013)
The Trouble with Lawyer Regulation, Emory Law Journal (2013)


Crisis Regulation, Michigan State Law Review (2012)


Modeling the American Lawyer Ethics System, Oregon Review of International Law (2011)


Unpublished Papers



And Now a Crisis in Legal Education, Seton Hall Symposium (2013)
Lawyer and Judicial Ethics Courses for Slovakian Law Faculties, Trnava University Faculty of Law (2013)
A History of Law Teaching Methods, Trnava University Faculty of Law (2013)