Before joining Loyola University Chicago School of Law, he was the Associate Dean
for Research and Scholarship and the Governor George E. Pataki Professor of International
Commercial Law at Albany Law School. His research and expertise is in the areas of public
international law, international economic law, international trade law, law and
development as well as on issues of good governance and legal reform as they relate to
the third world and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. 

Professor Gathii is an Independent Expert of the Working Group on Extractive Industries,
Environment, and Human Rights Violations in Africa formed by the African Commission on
Human and Peoples’ Rights. He is a founding member of the Third World Approaches to
International Law network. He serves as co-chair of the African Interest Group of the
American Society of International Law, and is a member of two International Law
Association Study Committees: The Study Group on the Meaning of War and the Study Group
on the Principles on the Engagement of Domestic Courts in the Application of
International Law. He is on the Global Faculty of the Trade Policy Training Institute
(TRAPCA) in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Professor Gathii has published over sixty articles and book chapters, including in the
some of the leading journals in his field such as the Harvard, American and European
Journals of International Law. 


LL.B. (Hons) University of Nairobi, Kenya 

SJD (Phd) Harvard Law School 

Kenya School of Law (Diploma in the Practice of Law – Admitted as an Advocate of the High
Court of Kenya) 

Program Areas 

International Trade Law 

International Law Seminar 

International Organizations 

International Business Transactions 



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Curtailing Ecosystem Exportation: Ecosystem Services As a Basis to Reconsider the Merits of Export-Driven Agriculture in Economies Highly Dependent on Agricultural Exports (with Keith H. Hirokawa), Virginia Environmental Law Journal (2012)

ABSTRACT Functioning ecosystems play a critical role in providing goods and services needed to sustain...



Failing Failed States: A Response to John Yoo, California Law Review Circuit (2011)


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