Ileana Paul is Associate Professor in the Department of French Studies. 

She works on the structure of Malagasy, the language spoken in Madagascar. She wrote her
doctoral dissertation at McGill, under the supervision of Lisa Travis, in which she
addressed questions about clause structure in Malagasy. 

Ileana Paul est une professeure associée dans le Département d'études françaises. 

Elle travaille sur la grammaire du malgache, langue parlée à Madagascar. Dans sa thèse,
rédigée à McGill sous la direction de Lisa Travis, il est question de la structure de la
phrase en malgache. 

Articles (Refereed publications)


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Books Edited

Determiners: Universals and Variation (with Jila Ghomeshi and Martina Wiltschko) (2009)

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Non-refereed Publications and Presentations


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Book Reviews


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PhD Dissertation


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