Ian Bricknell joined SMS from his position as Group Leader, Immunological
Diagnostics in the Fisheries Research Service Laboratory, Aberdeen, Scotland. He works on
the developmental immunity of larval fishes and with host-pathogen interactions. His
interests include: the interaction of parasites with their host and the mechanisms they
employ to avoid the host's defence mechanisms; immunological detection of fish
diseases; the development of the immune system of larval fishes and the onset of
immunocompetence; and, the mechanisms that larval fish use to contain or resist



Factors Affecting Post-Capture Survivability of Lobster Homarus Americanus (with D. Basti, K. Hoyt, E. S. Chang, W. Halteman, and D. Bouchard), Diseases of Aquatic Organisms (2010)

Technological advances in gear and fishing practices have driven the global expansion of the American...