Before turning his attention to higher education, Prof. Tiede pursued research in
applied logic and mathematical linguistics. Prof. Tiede currently conducts research on
the history of academic freedom and tenure in US higher education. He is active in the
American Association of University Professors (AAUP). He currently serves on the
AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure and as chair of the Committee on
the History of the Association. He was elected to its governing council and as chair of
the Assembly of State Conferences. 

Prof. Tiede regularly teaches Programming Languages, Models of Computing, Computer
Science II, and Applications of Sets, Logic, and Recursion. 

AAUP Redbook

History of the AAUP


"To Make Collective Action Possible": The Founding of the AAUP, Journal of Academic Freedom (2014)

The article reviews the developments that led to the founding of the American Association of...


Academic Freedom and Tenure


Academic Freedom and Tenure: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (with Henry Reichman and Joan Wallach Scott), Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors (2015)


Academic Freedom and Tenure: University of Northern Iowa (with Michael Bérubé, Ernst Benjamin, and Sharon E. Wood), Bulletin of the AAUP (2013)

This report concerns actions taken in February and March 2012 by the administration of the...


Shared Governance


Confidential Searches for Chief Academic Officers (with Michael Theune), Academe (2014)


Faculty Communication with Governing Boards: Best Practices (with Larry Gerber, Gerald Turkel, and Robert Kreiser), Bulletin of the AAUP (2014)

From its initial statement of principles in 1915 and its earliest investigations into violations of...


Applied Modal Logic

Applications of Modal Logic in Linguistics (with Lawrence Moss), Handbook of Modal Logic (2007)

This is a survey of work in semantics and syntax that uses modal logic, treating...


Learnability Theory


Identifiability in the Limit of Context-Free Generalized Quantifiers, Journal of Language and Computation (1999)

We investigate the indentifiability in the limit of subclasses of generalized quantifiers definable in Presburger...


Methodology of Linguistics

Inessential Features and Expressive Power of Descriptive Metalanguages (with Geoffrey K. Pullum), Features: Perspectives on a Key Notion in Linguistics (2010)

Linguists employ a variety of features, ranging from traditional, such as morphosyntactic features like those...


Recursion, Infinity and Modeling (with Lawrence Neff Stout), Recursion and Human Language (2010)

Model Theoretic Syntax


Monadic Second-Order Logic and Transitive Closure Logics Over Trees (with Stephan Kepser), Research on Language & Computation (2009)

Model theoretic syntax is concerned with studying the descriptive complexity of grammar formalisms for natural...



Inessential Features, Ineliminable Features, and Modal Logics for Model Theoretic Syntax, Journal of Logic, Language and Information (2008)

While monadic second-order logic (MSO) has played a prominent role in model theoretic syntax, modal...


Proof Theoretical Syntax

Proof Theory and Formal Grammars - Applications of Normalization, Foundations of the Formal Sciences II: Applications of Mathematical Logic in Philosophy and Linguistics. (2003)

Proof Tree Automata, Words, Proofs, and Diagrams (2002)

In this paper, we continue our investigation of the strong generative capacity of proof theoretical...



Lambek Calculus Proofs and Tree Automata, Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics (2001)

We investigate natural deduction proofs of the Lambek calculus from the point of view of...



Counting the Number of Proofs in the Commutative Lambek Calculus, JFAK. Essays Dedicated to Johan van Benthem on the Occasion of his 50th Birthday (1999)

This paper is concerned with the study of the number of proofs of a sequent...


Ph.D. Thesis


Deductive Systems and Grammars (1999)

During the last fifteen years, much of the research of proof theoretical grammars has been...