Harrison W. Inefuku is the Digital Repository Coordinator at Iowa State University,
where he works with faculty, staff, students and administrators to make scholarly,
research and creative works created by the university community openly accessible via
Digital Repository @ Iowa State University. Harrison's primary research interests
lie in applying archival science and practice to the management of institutional
repositories. He is also interested in digital preservation, university archives and
diversity within the information professions. 

Harrison has served on national committees and roundtables for the Asian/Pacific American
Librarians Association and the Society of American Archivists. He is an American Library
Association Spectrum Scholar, Association of Research Libraries Career Enhancement Fellow
and Society of American Archivists Mosaic Scholar. 

Harrison completed the dual MAS/MLIS program at the University of British Columbia in
2011, where he served as a graduate research assistant with the InterPARES 3 Project,
University Institutional Repositories: Copyright and Long-Term Preservation, and the
Digital Records Forensics Project. In 2007, he earned a BFA in Graphic Design and a
self-designed BA in Visual Culture from the University of the Pacific. While at Pacific,
Harrison researched and presented at national conferences on the depiction of racial
minorities in the arts and popular culture. 

Institutional Repositories: Archives and Repositories


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University archives exist to acquire, preserve, and provide access to university records with enduring value....



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Institutional Repositories: Outreach and Education


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Digital Repository @ Iowa State Unviersity provides free and open access to scholarship created by...



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Digital Repository @ Iowa State University was launched in April 2012, utilizing bepress’s Digital Commons...



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Digital Repository @ Iowa State University is a full-text open access institutional repository. We collect,...



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Digital Repository @ Iowa State University was established to provide open access to scholarship produced...


Archives and Records Management


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The goal of the general study is to ensure that the structure (external and internal)...



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South African Archives


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Art History and Visual Culture


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In existence for over a century, the advertising icon Aunt Jemima remains a point of...



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In existence since the late 1890s, advertising icon Aunt Jemima has been indelibly etched into...



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Japanese-born artist Masami Teraoka arrived in the United States in the 1960s, in the midst...



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This poster communicates how the University of the Pacific Library participated in the student-curated exhibition,...


No subject area


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In 2014, the Iowa State University Library increased staffing for its institutional repository from one...



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Countless studies and personal narratives have demonstrated that cultural, racial, and gender bias influence important...



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In 2004, the Society of American Archivists’s (SAA) A*Census revealed that only 7% of American...



Iowa State University: Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, Digital Repository Conference Papers, Posters and Presentations (2014)

Digital Repository @ Iowa State University (http://lib.dr.iastate.edu) is Iowa State University’s institutional repository, providing free...