Mr. Yuan has been a member of the Department of Library Public Services faculty
since 1997. A Fulbright student, he received his M.A. (American History) and M.L.S. from
Indiana University at Bloomington. He is Professor and Coordinator of Web & Emerging
Technologies of the University Libraries, chairing the Libraries' Web & Emerging
Technologies Advisory Committee. He serves on the Library Leadership Council and the
university's Academic Technology Advisory Committee. 

A life member of Chinese Americans Librarian Association, he has been invited to serve on
the Editorial Board of the association-sponsored Journal of Library Information Science. 

Mr. Yuan is editor of This Is China: The First 5,000 Years (Berkshire, 2010), author of
"Princess Peacock: Tales from the Other Peoples of China" (Libraries Unlimited,
2008), "The Magic Lotus Lantern and Other Tales from the Han Chinese"
(Libraries Unlimited, 2006), and "Virtual Libraries' Yesterday, Today and
Tomorrow" (Huayi, Beijing, 2002). He is co-author of "Celebrate Chinese New
Year, Holiday Around the World Series" (National Geographic, 2009). He has
contributed to the "Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture" (Routledge,
2004) and "Theories and Practices of American Libraries in the Twenty-First
Century" (Beijing Library Press, 2007). He is an associate editor of and contributed
to the five-volume "Berkshire Encyclopedia of China" (Berkshire, 2009). He also
authored and co-authored over two dozen articles published in professional journals
including College & Research Libraries, Library Administration and Management,
Journal of Research in International Education, Internet Librarian, Against the Grain,
Technical Services Quarterly, Journal of National Library of China, LIRT News, and
Kentucky Libraries. 

He is currently working on two book projects: Tibetan Folktales, which is scheduled to be
published in October 2014 and Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups of China, which is in

Among the awards Yuan has won are the WKU 2012 RCAP Grant as well as the WKU College
Awards for Creative Activities or Public Service (2012, 2011, 2008, 2002, 2001), “Think
Globally, Act Globally U.S.-China Librarian Collaboration” Grant from IMLS Grant, the
2009 Aesop Accolade Award from the American Folklore Society-Children Folklore Section,
the 2010 Storytelling World Resource Honor, the 1999 "Kentucky Libraries" Award
for an article about safe Internet surfing for children, and the 1988-90 Fulbright

Library & Information Science

Requirements for Being a Qualified 21st Century Librarian, Chinese American Librarians Association (2008)

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The Building of a Netorked Library Model, Innovations and Practicies of the 21st Century Sino-American Libraries (2008)

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Social Functions of Libraries, Theories and Practices of American Libraries in the Twenty-First Century (2007)

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Information Innovations: From the Web to the Blog –a Case Study (with Rosemary L. Meszaros), Library Hi-Tech News (2006)

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Web Publishing


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Teacher Expectations of Student Reading in Middle and High Schools (with Liqing Tao, Zhuo Li, Gaoyin Qian, and Bruce Murray), Journal of Research in International Education (2006)

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Works in Progress

The People of China: Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups (2008)

This is one of the first English encyclopedia that treats China in terms of its...

Requirements for Being a Qualified 21st Century Librarian, Chinese American Librarians Association (2008)

This article argues that as society and technology are changing, users of libraries are changing...


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