Professor McGovern began his academic career as a tenured member of Faculty at the
School of Management in Brunel University, UK, prior to joining Dominican University of
California in 2001. While resident in San Francisco, Dr McGovern was a Visiting Scholar
at the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Berkeley. In 2005, he moved to the East
Coast of the US and joined Southern Connecticut State University. 

Prof. McGovern regularly teaches Principles of Marketing and International Marketing. His
teaching philosophy is based on empowering students to become active participants in
class discussions as a key element of the learning experience, bringing them to a new
place in their understating and intellectual development of the marketing discipline. 

Degrees: Civil Engineering degree, an MBA and obtained his Ph.D. from Brunel University,

Research Interests: Social marketing is his primary area of interest and his research
focuses on bringing a better understanding of commuter behavior to travel demand
management and in engaging a greater role for social marketing in persuading commuters to
consider alternative modes of transport. More recently, he has focused in examining the
public's perception of assessing carbon emissions in the form of their carbon
footprint. Specifically he wishes to investigate how consumers can relate to their carbon
footprint as a means of informing themselves more about global warming concerns. 



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