Dr. Elizabeth Kleinhenz, an ACER Senior Research Fellow, has directed and worked on
many educational research projects of national and international significance. With Dr
Lawrence Ingvarson she has provided reports and advice to state government education
agencies across Australia and in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh in areas of
teacher education, teaching standards, teacher evaluation, performance pay and teacher

Dr Kleinhenz was a lead researcher in ACER’s evaluations of the teacher education
projects School Centres for Teaching Excellence, the Melbourne Graduate School of
Education’s Master of Teaching program and the Teach for Australia initiative. In 2009,
she was a joint author, with Dr Lawrence Ingvarson and Professor Stephen Dinham, of the
Business Council of Australia’s influential publication How Can We Raise the Quality of
School Education so that Every Student Benefits? With these two colleagues, she conducted
extensive research for ATRA and MCEEDYA, on national and international professional
teaching standards. This work informed the development of the Australian National
Professional Standards for Teachers. 

In recent years, Dr Kleinhenz has regularly presented papers at national and
international conferences. In 2013 she presented a paper on site based teacher education
at the European Conference of Educational Research Conference in Istanbul. In September
2014 she will present a paper on recent Australian initiatives in teacher education at
the British Educational Research Association's annual conference in London. 

Before joining ACER in 2001,Dr Kleinhenz had a full career as a secondary school teacher
and administrator in the Victorian Education Department. 

Dr Kleinhenz's Ph.D. thesis, a biography of the distinguished University of
Melbourne Associate Professor Kathleen Fitzpatrick was published by MUP in 2013. She is
currently undertaking preliminary research for a major project on the history of teacher
education in Victoria from the mid 19th century to the present time. 

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Contributions to Books

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Misc. Documents

Conference Papers & Presentations

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