Dr Elizabeth Kleinhenz is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Council for
Educational Research in the Teaching Learning and Leadership research program. 

Dr Kleinhenz, with Dr Lawrence Ingvarson, provided reports, papers and consultancy to
various education stakeholders– including Teaching Australia, the Victorian Institute of
Teaching, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, and the New South Wales
Institute of Teachers– in the areas of teaching standards, pre-service teacher education,
teacher professional development and teacher evaluation. 

Dr Kleinhenz has also managed a number of evaluation projects, including two major
reports on teacher workload for the New Zealand Ministry of Education, an evaluation of
the Getting it Right literacy and numeracy initiative in Western Australia, and of the
Victorian Middle Years Reform and Access to Excellence programs. 

Prior to joining ACER in 2001, Dr Kleinhenz worked for many years as a teacher,
administrator, and regional curriculum consultant in the Victorian state education

From 1992 to 1996 Dr Kleinhenz worked as assistant principal in charge of curriculum and
teacher professional development at the Victorian School of Languages (VSL), a statewide
institution that provides out of school hours languages instruction to more than 10,000
students in over 40 languages from Year 1 to VCE. In this position Dr Kleinhenz developed
comprehensive programs and processes for the professional development and performance of
over 600 casual and 40 permanent languages teaching staff, including teachers involved in
delivering languages in the Distance Education mode. 

She also initiated and led several projects to develop LOTE curriculum and
language-specific courses for the many languages taught at the school. These included
major projects to develop new languages distance education courses that are still in use
today. These courses broke new ground in the use of electronic and Computer Assisted
Learning for languages. 

As a regional curriculum consultant from 1996-1999, Dr Kleinhenz managed the Southern
Regional Information Network for LOTE, a network that brought together teachers,
administrators, policy makers and LOTE educators from many settings. In this capacity she
represented the Southern Region of the Department of Education on the Statewide LOTE
policy committee, the major policy decision making body for LOTE education in Victoria.

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Misc. Documents

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