Dr. Yeater joined Sacred Heart University in the Fall of 2008. She enjoys teaching
and incorporates her research and training experiences with marine mammals in her
classes. Dr. Yeater encourages students to meet with her if interested in becoming
involved in marine mammal cognition and behavior research. 

Ph.D., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi; B.S., SUNY Maritime College 

Teaching Responsibilities: Human and Animal Learning, The Human Journey: The Individual
and Society. 

Research Interests: Marine mammal behavior and cognition. Specific studies have been in
the areas of: dolphin imitation and social learning, the behavior of rough-toothed
dolphins, social association patterns, tactile behavior and communication, the effects of
vessel traffic and swimmers on dolphin behavior, the effects of noise on marine mammals,
and environmental enrichment with captive animals. Other topics of interest include the
study of self-awareness and theory of mind in animals. 



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Many non-human species imitate the behavior of others, and dolphins seem particularly adept at this...