Deborah W. Post is Professor of Law at Touro College, Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of
Law. She graduated cum laude from Hofstra University with a major in Anthropology and
took a job first as an editorial assistant and then as a teaching assistant to Margaret
Mead, the noted anthropologist, before attending Harvard Law School. She began her legal
career working in the corporate section of a law firm in Houston, Texas, Bracewell &
Patterson, now renamed Bracewell & Guiliani. She left practice for a position at the
University of Houston Law School and moved to New York to Touro Law Center in 1987. She
has been a visiting professor at Syracuse Law School, DePaul Law School, State University
of New Jersey Rutgers Law School. Professor Post has written in what she considers her
three areas of expertise: business associations, legal education and critical race
theory. Professor Post seeks to apply an anthropologist's sensibilities and
methodologies to the study of law. She has been a member of the Society of American Law
Teachers Board of Governors for ten years and is currently the co-president of that

Among her most notable publications are a book on legal education, Cultivating
Intelligence: Power, Law and the Politics of Teaching written with a colleague, Louise
Harmon and published by New York University Press and a casebook for contracts called
Contracting Law with co-authors Amy Kastely and Nancy Ota. 



Contract and Dispossession, 1 Colum. J. Race & L. 418 (2012)

This Essay, part of a collection of essays on the same theme, argues that contract...




Vulnerable Populations and Transformative Law Teaching: A Critical Reader, Chapter 6 - Vulnerability in Contracting: Teaching First-Year Law Students about Inequality and Its Consequences (with Deborah Zalesne), Carolina Academic Press (2011)

Traditional legal pedagogy fails to demonstrate the relationship of contract to the subordination of vulnerable...



Contracting Law (with Amy Hilsman Kastely, Nancy Ota, and Sharon K. Hom), Carolina Academic Press (2006)

Revised and updated to 2006, the fourth edition of Contracting Law continues the clear explanations...



Cultivating Intelligence: Power, Law, and the Politics of Teaching (with Louise Harmon), New York University Press (2006)

Student Presentations


Student Film- In Re: Baby M (with Heather Cole, John Nicodemo, Julie Perlina, Jessica Bryant, Rachel Zoltowsky, and Alana Hassel), Professor Deborah Post's Contracts Class Student Film Projects - Spring 2010 (2010)


Student film: Jacobs and Young Inc., v. George Kent (with Ara Ayvazian, Ashley Haelen, Peggy Zabakolas, Larry Przetakiewicz, Michael Barchak, Andrew Koster, and Cristina Puglia), Professor Deborah Post's Contracts Class Student Film Projects - Spring 2010 (2010)


Student film: Stambovsky v. Ackley (with Lindsey Barovick, Lauran Cannataro, Ray Castronovo, Conrad Chayes, Julia Surette, and Kenneth Zawistowski), Professor Deborah Post's Contracts Class Student Film Projects - Spring 2010 (2010)