I provide leadership in the areas of fisheries, aquatic ecology, water quality,
aquatic wildlife, and/or protected species for diverse water resources projects. Current
research interests: Function of aquatic food webs, conservation biology, life history
characteristics of aquatic organisms, restoration ecology and using stable isotopes as
tracers of ecosystem processes. 

Refereed Articles


Copepod dominance contributes to phytoplankton nitrogen deficiency in lakesduring periods of low precipitation (with Cody R. Johnson), Journal of Plankton Research (2012)

We investigated meso-zooplankton nutrient recycling as a driver of nitrogen deficiency for phytoplankton production in...



Zooplankton community structure in arctic ponds: shifts related to pond size (with W. John O'Brien), Arctic (2011)

A multi-year experiment in which zooplankton species were manipulated in 12 ponds indicated that the...



Direct and indirect effects of fish on pelagicnitrogen and phosphorus availability in oligotrophic Arctic Alaskan lakes (with Cody R. Johnson, Stephen C. Whalen, and Mary Anne Evans), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (2010)

The importance of fish nutrient recycling for lake primary production increases with lake productivity. However,...



Landscape effects on growth of age-0 arctic grayling in tundra streams (with Peter MacKinnon), Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (2008)

The growth of age-0 Arctic grayling Thymallus arcticus in two adjacent watersheds with differing numbers...



Effects of large lake trout on the dietary habits of small laketrout: a comparison of stable istotopes and stomach content analyses (with Matthew Keyes, Kenneth Fortino, Anne E. Hershey, W. John O'Brein, Philip W. Lienesch, and Michael E. McDonald), Hydrobiologia (2007)

We examined the effect of large (potentially piscivorous) lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) on the dietary...


Contributions to Books


Response of lakes near the arctic LTER to environmental change, Alaska's Changing Arctic: Ecological Consequences for Tundra, Streams, and Lakes (2014)


Warmwater and coldwater fish in two-story standingwaters (with Phaedra Budy, Gary P. Thiede, and Roger Schneidervin), Standard Methods for Sampling North American Fishes (2009)

NaturalEcosystems II- Aquatic Ecosystems (with A. P. Covich, Michelle A. Baker, R. Behneke, D. W. Blinn, L. M. Carter, J. Chambers, T. A. Crowl, J. P. Dobrowolski, C. P. Hawkins, J. Miller, L. N. Poff, F. J. Rahel, J. C. Schmidt, S. Selby, A. L. Sheldon, M. Vinson, and F. H. Wagner), Rocky Mountain/Great Basin Regional Climate Change Assessment. Report for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (2003)


Food web structure of Lake Mendota (with Lars G. Rudstam, Yvonne Allen, Brett M. Johnson, John R. Post, and Michael J. Vanni), Food Web Management: A Case Study of Lake Mendota (1992)

Although some classic studies (Hrbacek et al. 1961; Brooks and Dodson 1965) have shown strong...



Herbivory, nutrients, and phytoplankton dynamics in Lake Mendota, 1987-89 (with Michael J. Vanni, Jo Temte, Yvonne Allen, Richard Dodds, and Patricia J. Howard), Food Web Management: A Case Study of Lake Mendota (1992)

It is becoming increasingly clear that lake plankton communities are regulated by both predation and...



Phytoplankton nutrient-limitation in arctic lakes with and without fish, Limnology and Oceanography annual meetings. Victoria, Canada (2002)

Biocomplexity in modeling aquatic community response to human impacts, Workshop on issues and challenges in modeling biocomplexity in Lake Erie, Columbus Ohio (2001)