Charles E. “Chuck” MacLean has extensive teaching and practical experience in the
legal field. Over the past decade, he has taught adjunct courses in Criminal Law, Trial
Advocacy, Civil Procedure, Legal Research/Writing, Constitutional Law, Mass Media Law,
and Appellate Advocacy at universities in Minnesota; additionally, he has presented
topics such as Evidentiary Rules, Race in Jury Selection, and Prosecutorial Ethics at
various institutions. 

Mr. MacLean also has a long history of trial practice. He has represented clients in
Minnesota since 1988 involving both criminal and civil issues, and argued several cases
in the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Most recently, Mr.
MacLean was the chief prosecutor in Winona County, Minnesota. As chief attorney, he was
responsible for prosecuting felony crimes, as well as misdemeanor offenses, for both
adults and juveniles. 

Service to the community has been a key component of Mr. MacLean’s legal career. He has
served on paralegal, criminal justice, law library, and children’s advocacy boards in
Minnesota during the last twenty years; he has also trained others in sexual assault
investigation and prosecution protocols and child protection situations. At the Duncan
School of Law, Mr. MacLean will teach Lawyering Skills III and Academic Success III.


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