I am a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the
University of Rochester. Previously, I was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard
University Program in Ethics and Health. 

My areas of research are in political philosophy, ethics, and applied ethics. My current
work focuses on bioethics, business ethics, public health ethics, ethical issues in
health care priority setting and resource allocation, and legitimacy in health care
resource allocation. 



A Response to Peter Singer: The Logic of Effective Altruism, Boston Review (2015)

The effective altruism movement championed by Peter Singer could have even greater impact if it...



The Basic Structure and the Principles of Justice, Utilitas (2011)

This paper develops an account of how economic and political institutions can limit the applicability...



Public Health and the Rights of States, Public Health Ethics (2009)

When exercising their public health powers, states claim various rights against their subjects and aliens....



Nationalist Criticisms of Cosmopolitan Justice, Public Reason (2009)

This paper critically evaluates some central arguments offered by nationalists against stringent international requirements of...



Democratic Cosmopolitanism, European Political Science (2007)

Review of Seyla Benhabib: Another Cosmopolitanism




Institutions in Global Distributive Justice (2013)

The monograph analyses whether social, economic and political institutions affect justification, the scope and the...