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Score Tests for Zero-Inflation in Overdispersed Count Data
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods (2010)
  • Zhao Yang
The negative binomial (NB) model and the generalized Poisson (GP) model are common alternatives to Poisson models when overdispersion is present in the data. Having accounted for initial overdispersion, we may require further investigation as to whether there is evidence for zero-inflation in the data. Two score statistics are derived from the GP model for testing zero-inflation. These statistics, unlike Wald-type test statistics, do not require that we fit the more complex zero-inflated overdispersed models to evaluate zero-inflation. A simulation study illustrates that the developed score statistics reasonably follow a χ2 distribution and maintain the nominal level. Extensive simulation results also indicate the power behavior is different for including a continuous variable than a binary variable in the zero-inflation (ZI) part of the model. These differences are the basis from which suggestions are provided for real data analysis. Two practical examples are presented in this article. Results from these examples along with practical experience lead us to suggest performing the developed score test before fitting a zero-inflated NB model to the data.
Publication Date
Spring May 15, 2010
Citation Information
Zhao Yang. "Score Tests for Zero-Inflation in Overdispersed Count Data" Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods (2010)
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