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A note on the tests for clustered matched-pair binary data
Biometrical Journal (2010)
  • Zhao Yang
McNemar's test is used to assess the difference between two different procedures (treatments) using independent matched-pair data. For matched-pair data collected in clusters, the tests proposed by Durkalski et al. and Obuchowski are popular and commonly used in practice since these tests do not require distributional assumptions or assumptions on the structure of the within-cluster correlation of the data. Motivated by these tests, this note proposes a modified Obuchowski test and illustrates comparisons of the proposed test with the extant methods. An extensive Monte Carlo simulation study suggests that the proposed test performs well with respect to the nominal size, and has higher power; Obuchowski's test is most conservative, and the performance of the Durkalski's test varies between the modified Obuchowski test and the original Obuchowski's test.
Publication Date
Fall October 15, 2010
Citation Information
Zhao Yang. "A note on the tests for clustered matched-pair binary data" Biometrical Journal (2010)
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