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Student teaching and the law
  • Perry A. Zirkel, Lehigh University
  • Zorka Karanxha, University of South Florida

Student teaching is the key phase in the preparation of the professional instructional personnel of the nation's schools. Yet, the burgeoning literature of education law lacks a comprehensive and current source specific to student teaching. This volume fills that gap. The first part of this volume consists of a legal primer designed to provide the basic building blocks that serve as the foundation for the aforementioned common core. The second and central part includes an illustrative synthesis of the various state laws specific to student teaching and canvasses the available court decisions specifically concerning student teachers and student teaching. The final part consists of a variety of useful materials in the form of appendices, including charts of relevant statutes and case law; selected case scenarios for the purpose of review and discussion; a glossary of acronyms, abbreviations, and legal terms; and a sampler list of relevant resources.

  • student teachers' rights
Publication Date
Fall November, 2009
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc
Citation Information
Perry A. Zirkel and Zorka Karanxha. Student teaching and the law. Lanham, MD(2009)
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