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TRUST in the preservation of digital information
Communications of the ACM (2003)
  • P. E. Hart
  • Ziming Liu, San Jose State University
With an increasing amount of information being created, stored and distributed in digital formats, preservation of digital information is a central concern. A recent wave of literature addressing the subject has focused on the fragility of digital media, technological obsolescence and standards, but little attention has been given to the most critical barrier in the preservation of digital information-- the potential conflicts between the new reality of digital information and expectations of people. Trust is a fundamental concept pervading every aspect of one's daily lives. It is also fragile. As trust declines, people are increasingly unwilling to take risks. They demand greater protections against possible failures and may be slower to adopt new technologies. The cost of electronically storing documents is dipping below the cost of storing paper documents containing the same information. The cost and convenience advantages of digital archiving are compelling, but realizing the full benefits requires solutions to an issue as old as humanity and as new as the "next thing": trust. INSET: How the Survey Was Done..
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P. E. Hart and Ziming Liu. "TRUST in the preservation of digital information" Communications of the ACM Vol. 46 Iss. 6 (2003)
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