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Transborder information flow through human movement: Implications for professional interaction
International Information & Library Review (2004)
  • Ziming Liu, San Jose State University
Human flow across national boundaries is a significant landmark in global communications. Without taking human flow into account, the theory of international flow of information is incomplete. This study indicates that human flow may contribute to the transborder information flow by increasing awareness and receptiveness of non-indigenous information. People who have been educated abroad tend to function not only as gatekeepers in filtering information flow across national boundaries, but also as mediators between their home and host countries. The “magnetic effect” of these people in the transborder information flow is ubiquitous where the direction of information flow is influenced by the physical location of these people.
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Ziming Liu. "Transborder information flow through human movement: Implications for professional interaction" International Information & Library Review Vol. 36 Iss. 1 (2004)
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