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中国社会政策的走向 : 2004-2007 = The development of social policy in China : 2004-2007
中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review
  • Kinglun NGOK, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
  • Zhuoyi, Vincent WEN, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
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Journal article
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  • 社会政策,
  • 政府工作报告,
  • 政策转型,
  • 民生,
  • 政策格局,
  • Social Policy,
  • Government Work Report,
  • Policy Transformation,
  • Peopled Livelihood,
  • Policy Pattern
自21世纪初以来,我国的公共政策格局呈现出从经济政策 到社会政策的转型。本文试图通过分析2004年至2007年的总理《政府工作报告》来观察和描述我国政府的社会政策转型过程。本文认为,自2004年以来,《政府工作报告》有关社会政策的论述和内容在不断增加,显示出社会政策在我国公共政策格局中的地位得到提升,受到高度重视。 Since the beginning of the new century, China’s public policy pattern has been undergoing a transformation from economic policy domination to social policy domination. By examining the contents of the Government Work Reports by the Chinese Premier since 2004, this paper tries to chart the trajectory of this transition from economic policy to social policy. It argues that China’s social policy framework is taking shape and a social policy-dominated public policy pattern has been established since 2004.
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ISBN of the source publication: 9787543214224
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岳经纶、温卓毅 (2008)。中国社会政策的走向 : 2004-2007 = The development of social policy in China: 2004-2007。《中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review》,2,213-231。