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中国农民工政策的重大调整 : 走向新政策范式
中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review
  • Kwok Ping, Bill CHOU, University of Macau
  • Zhuoyi, Vincent WEN, Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Alternative Title
The major change of China's policy of migrant workers : towards a new paradigm
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Journal article
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  • 农民工,
  • 劳动政策,
  • 政策范式,
  • 范式转移,
  • Peasant Worker,
  • Labor Policy,
  • Policy Paradigm,
  • Paradigm Shift
自20世纪80年代末出现“民工潮”以来,进城务工人员被作为城市的负担而被各种政策限制和约束,由此引发了一系列社会问题。进入21世纪,在多种因素的作用下,触发了农民工政策范式的转移,政府把农民工重新定位为“产业工人重要组成部分”和“工人阶级的新成员”,因而,保障农民工权益,为农民工提供公共服务成为新的政策目标。执行手段也跟随发生了变化。中国农民工政策开始形成新的政策范式。本文借用政策范式转移理论审视整个变迁过程,力图在理论上理清问题认定、目标追求、工具配置,以及范式转移的触发机制等问题,并在最后揭示范式转移对于公共政策的意义所在。 Since the late 1980s, a large group of peasants immigrated to the city. But they were deemed to be the burden of the city, and the government made use of different policy to constrain them. The old policy paradigms have brought a lot of social problems. In the 21th century, some occurrences triggered the policy paradigm shift. As a result, government saw the peasant workers as an important component of industry worker and new member of worker class. Instead of regulation, ensuring peasant workers' well-being and providing service has become the policy target. And the policy instruments transition also took place. Making use of policy paradigm theory, the paper aims to analysis the whole process of the transition and makes some suggestions to policy formulation under the new paradigm.
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仇国平、温卓毅 (2007)。中国农民工政策的重大调整 : 走向新政策范式 = The major change of China's policy of migrant workers: Towards a new paradigm。《中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review》,1,157-169。