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政府购买服务的理论与实践 : 中国香港的案例
中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review
  • Zhuoyi, Vincent WEN, City University of Hong Kong
Alternative Title
Purchase of services in Hong Kong : theory and practice
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Journal article
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  • 政府购买服务,
  • 管理主义,
  • 福利治理,
  • 非政府组织,
  • Purchase Of Service,
  • Managerialism,
  • Welfare Governance,
  • Non-Governmental Organization


Welfare state was in crisis in 1970s. To reduce public finance burden on welfare state, the New Right advocated marketization of social services, and replaced government provision with service purchase. The process of purchasing services is managed in accordance with the doctrines of managerialism, such as value for money, accountability and customer-orientation. This managerial reform has brought about fundamental changes in social services in western welfare states. How-ever, the application of managerialism in social services is a long-term controversial issue. Inspired by the ideas of managerialism, Hong Kong government initiated its social services subvention policy reform in 1990s. As a result, a 'Lump Sum Grant Subvention System', (LSGSS) was established at the turn of the century. The study examines how the LSGSS changes the financial resources and political power of subvented NGOs. Based on the experience of Hong Kong, the paper also tries to provide some implications for social services development in mainland China.

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ISBN of the source publication: 9787543220355

本文的初稿《香港社会福利资助制度改革 : 管理主义对非政府组织的影响》曾在2011年4月中山大学政治与公共事务管理学院主办的第一届三地博士生学术论坛上宣读。

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温卓毅 (2011)。政府购买服务的理论与实践 : 中国香港的案例 = Purchase of services in Hong Kong: Theory and practice。《中国公共政策评论 = Chinese Public Policy Review》,5,68-90。