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About ZhongPing Lee

My research discipline is in ocean optics and ocean color remote sensing.

It covers three aspects to: understand how the light field changes in a natural environment (radiative transfer); develop effective tools that use the light information to retrieve important environmental properties (remote sensing); use the remotely sensed products (either from airborne or space borne sensors) to study the ocean/Earth system.

My ongoing and past efforts have been focused on the development of remote sensing algorithms that can be applied to both oceanic and coastal environments. In addition, we have also conducted studies on field measurement techniques, estimation of primary production, and the dynamics of biogeochemical properties of waters in the South Pacific gyre.


Present Professor of Optical Oceanography, University of Massachusetts Boston School for the Environment


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Contact Information

Telephone: 617.287.7396
Fax: 617.287.7474
100 Morrissey Blvd. Office Location: S/1/060

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