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Triple Immunoglobulin Gene Knockout Transchromosomic (Tc) Cattle: Bovine Lambda Cluster Deletion and its Effect on Fully Human Polyclonal Antibody Production
  • H. Matsushita
  • A. Sano
  • H. Wu
  • J. Jiao
  • P. Kasinathan
  • E. J. Sullivan
  • Zhongde Wang, Utah State University
  • K. Kuroiwa
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Towards the goal of producing fully human polyclonal antibodies (hpAbs or hIgGs) in transchromosomic (Tc) cattle, we previously reported that Tc cattle carrying a human artificial chromosome (HAC) comprising the entire unrearranged human immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy-chain (hIGH), kappa-chain (hIGK), and lambda-chain (hIGL) germline loci produced physiological levels of hIgGs when both of the bovine immunoglobulin mu heavy-chains, bIGHM and bIGHML1, were homozygously inactivated (bIGHM-/-, bIGHML1-/-; double knockouts or DKO). However, because endogenous bovine immunoglobulin light chain loci are still intact, the light chains are produced both from the hIGK and hIGL genomic loci on the HAC and from the endogenous bovine kappa-chain (bIGK) and lambda-chain (bIGL) genomic loci, resulting in the production of fully hIgGs (both Ig heavy-chains and light-chains are of human origin: hIgG/hIgκ or hIgG/hIgλ) and chimeric hIgGs (Ig heavy-chains are of human origin while the Ig light-chains are of bovine origin: hIgG/bIgκ or hIgG/bIgλ). To improve fully hIgG production in Tc cattle, we here report the deletion of the entire bIGL joining (J) and constant (C) gene cluster (bIGLJ1-IGLC1 to bIGLJ5-IGLC5) by employing Cre/loxP mediated site-specific chromosome recombination and the production of triple knockout (bIGHM-/-, bIGHML1-/- and bIGL-/-; TKO) Tc cattle. We further demonstrate that bIGL cluster deletion greatly improves fully hIgGs production in the sera of TKO Tc cattle, with 51.3% fully hIgGs (hIgG/hIgκ plus hIgG/hIgλ).

Citation Information
Matsushita H., Sano A., Wu H., Jiao J., Kasinathan P., Sullivan EJ*., Wang Z.*, Kuroiwa K. Triple immunoglobulin gene knockout transchromosomic (Tc) cattle: bovine lambda cluster deletion and its effect on fully human polyclonal antibody production. PLOS One (2014) 9(3):e90383. (*corresponding authors