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Increased Susceptibility to Atrial Fibrillation in Transgenic Goats With Cardiac Specific Overexpression of TGF-b1
Sientific Sessions, American Heart Association
  • I. Polejaeva
  • R. Ranjan
  • J. Hall
  • H. Rutigliano
  • A. Thomas
  • D. Dosdall
  • R. MacLeod
  • N. Marrouche
  • Zhongde Wang, Utah State University
  • A. Olsen
  • K. L. White
  • C. J. Davies
Document Type
Conference Paper
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Citation Information
Polejaeva I., Ranjan R., Hall J., Rutigliano H., Thomas A., Dosdall D., MacLeod R., Marrouche N., Wang Z., A. Olsen, K.L. White KL., C.J. Davies CJ. Increased susceptibility to atrial fibrillation in transgenic goats with cardiac specific overexpression of TGF-b1. Abstract (accepted), Scientific Sessions, American Heart Association, November, 16-20, 2013