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Unpublished Paper
Applications and Essential Operations in WebEx, Jabber and Camtasia for e-Learning
  • Zhi-Xue Xu, San Jose State University

Cisco WebEx, Jabber and TechSmith Camtasia have provided effective tools to design and develop the courses for distance learning and e‐Learning, Lecture Video Capture, Video Records, Caption and Editing.

WebEx is Web OS based to create video conferences and meetings. WebEx is easy for faculty and students to meet together, to share ideas and information, and to stay connected and communicate in the video conference. Cisco Jabber video is a software client that can make video calls. The faculty and students can telecommunicate with face to face chat using Jabber video callings. Camtasia Studio is a good tool to help us create professional videos for instructional courses design to e‐learning and e‐campus on the web base.

The report provides the detailed work steps for essential operations in WebEx, Jabber and Camtasia. All 194 Figures (WebEx: 35, Jabber: 21 and Camtasia: 138) in the report were from Author’s operations of WebEx, Jabber and Camtasia.

Publication Date
August 2, 2014
Copyright 2014 Zhi-Xue Xu.
Citation Information
Zhi-Xue Xu. "Applications and Essential Operations in WebEx, Jabber and Camtasia for e-Learning" (2014)
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