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Improving Flash Resource Utilization at Minimal Management Cost in Virtualized Flash-based Storage Systems
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (2015)
  • ZHENGYU YANG, Northeastern University
  • Jianzhe Tai
  • Deng Liu
  • Xiaoyun Zhu
  • Jack Lo
  • Ningfang Mi
Effectively leveraging Flash resources has emerged as a highly important problem in enterprise storage systems. One of the popular techniques today is to use Flash as a secondary-level host-side cache in the virtual machine environment. Although this approach delivers IO acceleration for VMs’ IO workloads, it might not be able to fully exploit the outstanding performance of Flash and justify the high cost-per-GB of Flash resources. In this paper, we design new VMware Flash Resource Managers (VFRM and GLB-VFRM) under the consideration of both performance and the incurred cost for managing Flash resources. Specifically, VFRM and GLB-VFRM aim to maximize the utilization of Flash resources with minimal CPU, memory and IO cost in managing and operating Flash for a dedicated enterprise workload and multiple heterogeneous enterprise workloads, respectively. Our new Flash resource managers adopt the ideas of thermodynamic heating and cooling to identify data blocks that can benefit the most from being put on Flash and migrate data blocks between Flash and magnetic disks in a lazy and asynchronous mode. Experimental evaluation of the prototype shows that both VFRM and GLB-VFRM achieve better costeffectiveness than traditional caching solutions, i.e., obtaining IO hit ratios even slightly better than some of the conventional algorithms as Flash size increases yet costing orders of magnitude less IO bandwidth.
  • Flash resource management,
  • IO access pattern,
  • Flash utilization,
  • IO hit ratio,
  • Virtualized storage systems
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ZHENGYU YANG, Jianzhe Tai, Deng Liu, Xiaoyun Zhu, et al.. "Improving Flash Resource Utilization at Minimal Management Cost in Virtualized Flash-based Storage Systems" IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (2015)
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