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Online Flash Resource Allocation Manager Based on TCO Model
US Patent (2016)
  • ZHENGYU YANG, Northeastern University
  • Mrinmoy Ghosh
  • Manu Awasthi
  • Vijay Balakrishnan
A method for allocating workloads based on a total cost of ownership (TCO) model includes receiving a workload; estimating a cost for allocating the workload to each disk of disks in a disk pool based on a TCO model; determining a disk among the disks in the disk pool that minimizes a TCO; and allocating the workload to the disk. The TCO model incorporates a plurality of cost factors for estimating costs for each disk in the disk pool for allocating the workload. 
Publication Date
US15/092156, US20170046089A1
Citation Information
ZHENGYU YANG, Mrinmoy Ghosh, Manu Awasthi and Vijay Balakrishnan. "Online Flash Resource Allocation Manager Based on TCO Model" US Patent (2016)
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